Trump’s Art of the Deal ghostwriter forecasts the resignation of Trump from the office

Tony Schwartz is the man that ghostwrote Trump’s Art of the Deal in 1987; he believes that President Trump will resign.

In a tweet by Schwartz on Wednesday, he made his forecast open. He pointed out that Trump’s political future will be characterized by calling it a quit from the office of the president. His tweeted that the circle is closing at a very high speed, and Trump will resign and announce victory before Mueller, and the Congress will be left with no option.

Schwartz’s follow-up tweet

A follow-up tweet by Schwartz hints that Trump’s presidency is practically over, and he doubts if he can make it till the end of the year in the office. Schwartz went on to say that he forecasts possible resigns by fall or even sooner.

In the 1980’s when he worked with Trump on the memoir, Schwartz spent about 18 months with Donald Trump. Lately, he has been a known critic of the onetime businessman turn president.

Last year, he told The New Yorker that he put lipstick on a pig, expressing regrets for portraying Trump in a manner that exaggerates his true self.

It can also be recalled that Schwartz told Anderson Cooper of CNN in May that he believes that Trump will quit and declare victory. He said in a statement in May that Trump will resign to avoid being impeached or stay under long-lasting humiliation. He added that Trump had been known to turn a loss into victory throughout his career, as such; he’ll resign and declare victory.