Trump Hits Hard At OBAMACARE

Months after Donald trump got elected to the post of POTUS, he has achieved a slim victory in the desperate move to fulfill a campaign promise to roll back Obamacare. His victory however is not without the usual controversy trailing every policy re-write plaguing his administration.

His administration recently rolled back a controversial mandate requiring companies to provide coverage for birth control in their health plans. The big businesses in Texas and conservative lawmakers have asked Trump’s administration to provide more clarity on the recent policy change.

The reactions in Washington were divided between Republicans and Democrats.
Democrats were concerned about the challenges women dependent on company-provided birth control would face, while Republicans celebrated the Roll back as a victory for the party on Capitol hill.

On twitter, Senator Ted Cruz said Trump’s administration has ended a repugnant ideology that was alien to the country’s tradition of religious liberty.

Cruz On A Rise

A myriad of Texas lawmakers agreed with Cruz. Rep. John Williams of Austin said the decision reinforced the country’s conservative views on religious liberty and Rep. John Ratcliffe of health hailed the decision as a huge victory for religious liberty.

Analysts in healthcare and Democrat lawmakers are not giving up without a fight, slamming Trump’s administration Obamacare birth control roll back on religious grounds.

In a tweet, Rep. Lloyd Doggett said that there was no difference between “Birth control and Health Care,” they are “two of a kind,” and Trump’s policy change could make affordability for contraception impossible, he also urged Trump to quit attacking the rights of women.

In another tweet, Rep. Marc Veasey of Fort Worth slammed Trump’s unresponsiveness, he said Trump was out to attack women and families that choose to be responsible.

A senior Analyst at the Center for Progressive Public Policy Priorities Stacey Pogue, said that the mover exasperated the difficulties the challenges Texas women face in obtaining birth control.

He added that the price increment would affect women’s ability to prevent unintended pregnancies. Bishop Edward Burns of the Catholic Diocese of Dallas said Government regulations that coopt people to decide between religion and work are not only harmful to Catholics but the common good of al Americans.

Liberty remains an integral part of the American constitution. Across the country, corporations health care managers are currently negotiating a work-around for employees upon enrollment.