Russian Malware Discovered in American Electric Company System

A Russian malware code has been discovered within a laptop in Vermont’s electric utility, which serves as further proof to Russia’s direct involvement in meddling with the United States elections in November.

According to the Burlington Electric Department, they claim that the malware code that has been discovered bares the same code to a Russian campaign that had been affiliated with other hackings prior, known as Grizzly Steppe.

Grizzly Steppe was the name that had been given by the Homeland Security Department.

The electric company were notified by Homeland Security just two days ago about the sighting of the Russian malware code on their system.

Cyber War for Real

Such a discovery reveals just how proliferating Russian cyber hacking is, as they will aim and attack any inch of United States territory, even Vermont, in order just to grasp any potential opportunity in interfering and disrupting the system and of the United States.

Rep. Peter Welsh stated that the recently imposed sanctions that President Barack Obama had inflicted on Russia were indeed justified, despite Russia’s continuous denial of any involvement regarding cyber hacks towards the US political systems.

A Serious Conflict

Senator Patrick Leahy says that this new finding of the Russian malware code doesn’t shed light on the fact that a hacker can simply override systems and easily so, but rather should be alarming to all that state-sponsored hacking conducted by Russia proves to be a real and dangerous threat to all.

Burlington Electric stated that they had sighted the malware as it had been separate from the rest of the grid systems, and upon the discovery they immediately contacted federal officials for the matter.

“Our team is working with federal officials to trace this malware and prevent any other attempts to infiltrate utility systems,” Burlington Electric Company stated.

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