Ohio GOP Leader addresses members at the Republican Party meeting in Ottawa

Jane Timken, Ohio GOP chairwoman, told the members of the party in Ottawa that the party will take over the forthcoming elections if only they stick together and hone their focus on right issues. She emphasized that unity is the key to winning further elections in the next coming years.

At the meeting held on Tuesday at the Putnam County Educational Service Centre, the chairman of the party, Tom Liebrecht made the local Republicans know Timken and emphasized that he has two objectives which are making their presence known, as well their relationship with the state party. According to Timken, Ohio expressed tiredness in the status quo in November.

Election statistics

The 2016 election results according to New York Times has it that Ohio massively casted their votes for Republican. President Trump got 2.8 million votes which were 51.3% of that cast, while Sen. Rob Portman got 3 million votes which were 58.3% of those total votes cast.
Timken made it clear that Democrats are busy with social issues, making them attach less interest in greater issues that spread over fixing necessary American facilities.

Republican’s focus

Senate Democrats had a $1 trillion necessary services and transportation plan which the Republicans didn’t deem right; this was made known in a Chicago Tribune story. Timken said that the Republican Party in Ohio aims at fixing infrastructures, creating employments and repairing the roads.

In her statement, she stated that Trump was perturbed about the present condition in Ohio, as well other States when she met him. President Tump is bent on fulfilling the promises he made during his campaign. However, Timken said that Trump didn’t issue any plan on how to get things fixed in Ohio State.

Bottom line

Timken urged the county Republican Parties to stay focused and work towards winning elections in the 2017 – 18 – both state and local elections. She said that the parties should go and collect data, as well make necessary phone calls without compromising door to door visit.