Obama’s Last Minute Financial Aid of $221 Million to Palestinians on Hold

Former Secretary of State John Kerry just before the Trump administration had took over had decided in the last moments to send a budget of $221 million as aid for Palestinians.

However, congressional Republicans have balked about such a decision which has resulted in the budget being frozen by the Trump administration at the moment.

The State Department stated last Tuesday that they will look over this matter could possibly make some modifications to it in order to assure it aligns with priorities set by Trump’s administration.

The former secretary of state informed Congress that the Department would release the large sum of money on the morning of January 20th, just prior to the inauguration ceremony of Donald Trump.

Last Minute Choice

A member from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Dr. Jonathan Schanzer, stated that analysts would never have expected that former President Barack Obama would make such a move.

According to Dr. Schanzer, the whole matter regarding the Palestinians and aiding them had never even been brought up during his 11th hour moves.

In the past Congress has aided the Palestinians as back in 2015 a budget of $355 million were sent to them by the US Agency regarding International Development.

Pending Help

Two GOP legislators are said to have placed the recent funds on hold at the moment.

According to Dr. Schanzer, this was due to the Palestinian Authority (PA) allegedly not cooperating with the state of Israel regarding the ongoing matter concerning statehood.

Dr. Schanzer added that Congress has been observing other contributing factors as to why the funds are currently on hold.

Such factors include carrying out violent acts, corruption, offering payments to those who are in prison in order to commit acts of terrorism, and for unilaterally attempting to regain statehood. “That’s why the hold has been there,” Dr. Schanzer stated.

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