Michelle Obama says women who voted for Trump did against their voice

Michelle Obama has called out women who voted for Trump, pointing that casted their votes against their voice.

The ex-first lady while addressing the audience at Inbound, a marketing and sales conference held in Boston, spoke about an upcoming book. Michelle attributed her thrive in endeavors to keeping in touch with her real self, said many people try and fail in a bid to achieve the same.

She pointedly said that any female that voted for Trump voted against their voice. Obama further stated that its uncalled for to like the things one is told to like, rather it should be what you like – your voice.

Clinton swept lesser votes than expected among women

While Hilary Clinton was envisaged to have the women vote for her mainly, she just got 54 percent which is below what Obama got in 2012.

Exit polls made it clear that Trump won 52 percent of the white women’s votes, and Clinton proposed her theory which she used to explain her figures.

In an interview session promoting her recent publication on NPR, Clinton said like Obama, stressing that women were most probably under pressure from male – husbands, employees, boyfriends and even fathers – not to cast their vote for the girl.

While Obama was perplexed for Clinton during the election held last year, she still supports Trump, saying she wants the present president to be successful since everyone still lives in this country.