Mayor of Seattle Ed Murray Resigns after the Last Accusation for Sexual Abuse of Children

Murray, Democrat and First Gay City Mayor, said he resigned at 5 am. Wednesday, so the scandal no longer shakes his office.
The Mayor’s declaration comes after his cousin had an interview with the alleging abuse of the Seattle Times, the latest in a series of similar charges. The cousin is the fifth person publicly accusing Murray of sexual abuse of children because a lawsuit was filed against him in April.

Murray denied the charges, as he did in the past. Formerly they called them part of a political effort to prevent their advanced program and their support for immigrant rights and the LGBTQ.
As a mayor, he raised a minimum salary of $ 15 per hour, passed ambitious legislation on accessible housing, and laid the foundations for a sports hall and entertainment that belongs to the city. It was a party to a lawsuit filed in March in the name of the city against Trump in connection with his executive mandate in so-called Shrine Cities.

But in the light of the latest allegations, he said that it is clear that it is best for the city to move away

He withdrew from the Mayor’s career in May following a lawsuit accusing him of repeatedly raping man 30 years ago. Murray dismissed the allegations, saying that he had never heard the name of his accused before the trial. But he said he was abandoning the offer of re-election, so the scandal would not go to the polls.

Delvonn Heckard said he was 15 years old, and Murray was 32 years old when sexual acts had been claimed, Murray paid for them.
The lawsuit further states that Heckard was not the only boy who mistreated the mayor. At least once, Heckard said he was at Murray’s apartment when there was another boy who seemed to be a minor. “D.H believes that Murray has made love with the other child at the same time,” he said in a complaint. A mayor spokesman said the charges were unfounded.

Since the trial, four men have publicly accused Murray of various forms of sexual assault as teenagers. CNN has not independently checked the requirements.