Donald Trump to Meet Theresa May

President-elect Donald Trump has tweeted that he is looking forward to meeting British Prime Minister Theresa May in the spring.

He said he was “very much” looking forward to the meeting, and that Britain was a “very special” ally.

The meeting will happen in a few months in Washington.  His tweet read, “I look very much forward to meeting Prime Minister Theresa May in Washington in the Spring.  Britain, a longtime U.S ally, is very special!”

It is believed that Trump’s warm words will be welcome by the British government after so much attention has been focused on Trump’s relationship with Nigel Farage, the former UKIP leader and a political rival to the current Conservative government.

The “special relationship” between Britain and America has always been important to Britain in particular.  The nature of the tweet implies that it is to be maintained during the Trump administration.

The official date of the meeting will come after Trump’s inauguration on 20th January.

A Downing Street source said, “This was part of a process leading towards the PM’s first visit with President-elect Trump. During the second phone call with President-elect Trump, the Prime Minister suggested it would be a good idea for key staff from both teams to meet. President-elect Trump agreed this would be useful.”

By all accounts the groundwork for the meeting was laid in December, where May’s joint chiefs Nick Timothy, and Fiona Hill, travelled to the U.S to meet’s Trump’s people and build connections with them.

Trump has always championed Nigel Farage and much of the limelight has been stolen by him.  After Trump’s election victory he was visited by Farage, who managed to garner media attention worldwide.  Trump even recommended he should become British Ambassador to the U.S. in a tweet.

It is believed that Britain is putting a lot of hopes on this meeting as the country will need to redefine itself after triggering Article 50 and leaving the EU which is also planned for this year.