Democrats To Investigate President Trump’s Spending

Democrats are calling for the release of information regarding the cost of money that is spent on President Trump’s properties where he spends his holidays and is paid for by taxes.

The Democrats who currently make up the House Oversight Committee asked for information regarding how much will be expended on his holiday this August.

Americans Have A Right To Know

“Americans need to know who we their money is being spent. This includes the cost that is expended on the properties that the president owns and the reason why this money is spent.” The letter that was sent to Homeland secretary and the all the cabinet secretaries.

The request is asking for documents relating to payments that are made to organizations that are owned by Trump in order to carry out an audit.

President Trump has not kept his personal life away from the presidency and has gone back to his properties over 45 times ever since he was sworn in to office.

He is also planning to go on presidential excursion to New York very soon and will make a stop at the Trump Towers.

A lot of past presidents have always kept their private homes during their tenure. But the problem with President Trump is the fact that these residents are part and parcel of his personal business. This means the money that is spent on the property goes to his business empire.