Carl Paladino Wishes Mad Cow Disease Death Upon Obama

Friend and adviser for President-elect Donald Trump Carl Paladino has made some rather startling comments recently regarding President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.

One thing Paladino had suggested for 2017 was for Michelle Obama to be sent back to Africa and to be ‘let loose’ in Zimbabwe, along with President Obama to be killed by Mad Cow Disease.

The magazine Artvoice had conducted a survey with Paladino, in which he responded to numerous questions such as what it is he’d like to see gone in 2017, and what would he want to see happening the most in 2017.

What Does He Want to See Go?

Paladino answered this question with a response that has been labelled as nothing but pure racist, although he denies any such intention himself.

When asked what he wants to see go in 2017, the friend of Donald Trump answered by saying he would like to see Michelle Obama go back to being a man, and for her to live her life situated in a remote cave with a gorilla named Maxie.

When criticized for being racist, Paladino responded by explaining that this was in no way racist, adding that the press usually goes for that kind of a bashing first when they feel there is no alternative method of defending an individual.

Paladino’s Prolonged Resentment

Paladino in the past has displayed several types of insults and other inaccurate statements against President Obama, such as claiming that he was a Muslim, which is false, and has apparently sent several explicit racist and sexist emails to his own set of friends, in which quite a few of them do mention Obama again.

All of Paladino’s comments in the survey conducted have been condemned by several, including the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, who said Paladino continues to leave a trail of degrading and racist statements.



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