Brazil former presidents, Rousseff and Lula, charged with obstruction of justice

Brazil’s former presidents, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff were charged Wednesday with obstruction of justice. The Brazil’s Prosecutor General, Rodrigo Janot charged the ex-presidents.

The lawsuit was filed came a day after the former heads were charged with conspiracy. General Janot said the recent charges are in line with Rousseff’s appointment of Lula as the minister of the presidency, an idea may believe was geared towards protecting Lula from the further investigation over corruption.

Rousseff was impeached following an allegation of embellishing fiscal statements, making public finances look more robust. A conservative legislature impeached Rousseff. The creative accounting program which is not new in Brazil caused some to believe that Rousseff’s impeachment was a politically geared action which was meant to give room for more business-friendly administration.

Conspiracy charges

Two previous finance ministers of Brazil were not free from the conspiracy charges. Likewise, about four other PT members were charged for conspiracy in using the Petrobras, the state oil giant to make themselves rich.

Antonio Palocci, Rousseff’s former chief of staff, on Wednesday, attested that Odebrecht, a construction giant in Brazil handed over $1.3 million to Lula, and had concurred to pay the PT $100million.
The money given to the institute was meant to be used to purchase property in Sao Paulo and was made in cash. This was disclosed Palocci who has been convicted. Lula, who still has some good reputation in Brazil for his anti-poverty programs and welfare campaigns, is meant to appear in the court and testify before Sergio Moro, a federal judge who heads the investigation on September 13.
Lula has been sentenced to a nine and half years imprisonment on other charges of corruption.