Police Say State That 255 Have Survived The Grenfell Tower Blaze

There were about 255 survivors from the Grenfell Tower blaze last month, which killed over 80 people, police say.

Their Claim

According to the police, there are about 255 survivors from the Grenfell Tower blaze last month, which killed over 80 people. According to their “extensive investigations,” there should have been 350 people in the building that night. However, 14 of those residents were not in the building and 255 had survived, leaving over 80 people who are either dead or missing.

The commander of the Metropolitan Police, Stuart Cundy, said: “You can’t listen to the families and to the 999 calls and not want to hold people to account for a fire that should not have happened.”

The Disputed Death Toll

Commander Cundy had also denied politicians’ and former residents’ claims that the death toll of the incident could be way more than 80 people.

“We’ve been working tirelessly to ascertain how many people died in the fire,” he said, describing the night as one where “the lives of so many changed forever”.

David Lammy, the Labour party MP, said he was “sympathetic” to the point of view that there could be a higher “covered up” death toll than what is being reported.

Scotland Yard said it believes that about 10 people had managed to escape “but for a number of different reasons” do not want to come forward. Because of this, the UK government has officially promised that it will not be conducting immigration checks for survivors of the blaze as well as those coming forward to the police with information. It also said that it will not charge anyone in the building for illegally subletting their apartments.

“We are absolutely determined to do everything new can to identify what offenses have been committed.” Cundy said. “We will seize information for wherever it comes from.”

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