Phil Brewer, Head Of Metropolitan Police, Expects Number Of Slavery Victims In London To Increase By 60% In 2017

The head of Metropolitan police for anti-slavery expected that the quantity of suspected slavery victims located in London will rise by 60% in 2017.

Phil Brewer, director of the Metropolitan modern slavery and kidnap unit, also thinks that at least 1,600 suspected victims mostly of human trafficking will increase.

“They are wide-ranging referrals in terms of what victims have been through … some cases are incredibly traumatic.” Brewer said.


Three Romanian people will be sentenced on Thursday at Kingston Crown Court. The three of them pleaded guilty and admitted to commit trafficking. These men bright women to the UK and forced them to have sex with men in exchange of money.

Campaigners are warning that there are a lot of missed cases even though referrals to the forces ae increasing. Former Minister for preventing abuse, Karen Bradley, said the growth in referrals indicate that “our efforts are working.

Tamara Barnett, Project Leader of the Human Trafficking Foundation, explained that there is still widespread culture of doubt meaning that modern-day slaves are missed.


“Modern slavery is something of a new buzz word … but with human trafficking we are where we were with domestic violence 25 years ago, or FGM [female genital mutilation] five or 10 years ago,” Barnett said. “Victims are not being identified, when they are being identified they are not being protected and criminals are getting away with their abuse.”

Sadiq Khan, London’s Mayor, stated that Sophie Linden, Deputy Mayor for police and crime, made a group to find and spot modern slavery. For the first time, the group will meet this summer to start working and fighting modern-slavery.

“This is a crime that we can only solve by working together. Modern slavery touches on the work of so many sectors across London and nationally.”

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