Michael Steven Sandford, 21, Deported After Attempt On Presidents Life At Vegas Rally

A British man has been deported to the UK on Wednesday after getting released from prison for attempting to kill President Trump.


Michael Steven Sandford, a 21-year-old man, stole a gun from a police officer and tried to shoot at Trump in a rally at Last Vegas.

In December, Sandford confessed of being guilty after the police accused him of illegally possessing a gun which causes a troubling an official occasion, he.

During his hearing in September, Sandford said: “I tried to take a gun from a policeman to shoot someone with, and I’m pleading guilty.”

During an interview with the police, he was asked on why he took the gun and wanted to kill Trump, Sandford said: “To shoot and kill Donald Trump,” court records show.

Sandford was illegally staying in the US after overstaying his US visa by 3 months. In December, a federal judge approved that Sandford has autism, a psychotic mental illness.

The incident took place in the Treasure Island hotel-casino when Trump, a US republican candidate at the time, was leading a campaign rally. Sandford told an officer he wanted to take an autograph from Trump.

He later confessed that he intentionally flied from California to Las Vegas to kill trump. He also admitted of renting a pistol to practice on firing a gun. If convicted, Sandford would have been in prison for another 20 years.


However, the plea agreed on 18 to 27 months in prison. The plea agreement insisted that “it is almost certain that [Sandford] will be permanently removed” from the U.S.

Flying from Seattle, Sandford arrived in London on Thursday after spending around five months at a federal prison nearby Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Although, he was sentenced for about five months, Sandford was in U.S. custody for roughly 11 months. Sandford was arrested by the police last June.

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