Mentally Unstable “Rapist” Kills A British Woman And Injures 2 in Jerusalem

A public murder, amidst the eyes of children, elders and woman; that has been a casual incident happening in the holiest city on earth in the last 2-3 years.

The series of stabbings in communal places in Jerusalem has been a horrific scene repeated every week or couple, resulting from the ongoing heated conflict between the 2 main ethnic factions in the land.

The Israeli-Palestinian strife is now over half a century old and has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands over the feud.

Former convict

The victims that have to bear the consequences of the hate are often innocent people that do not relate to any of the contentions between the two clans.

A young British woman has been stabbed to critical conditions and died on her way to the nearest hospital.

The perpetrator also injured a 30 year old pregnant woman and a 50 year old man. The 57 year old outlaw was immediately arrested by the police and was recognized to be a familiar face for security forces.

The offender had a disturbing mental record, having attempted to commit suicide in a hospital by swallowing a razor and was convicted of conducting disgraceful sexual abuses to his own daughter 6 years ago.

Mourning and Sorrow

The young woman that lost her life in the incident was identified to be Ms. Bladon, a 25 year old student on an exchange program from the University of Birmingham to the Israeli-based Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The Academic institution emitted an official statement to mourn her affiliate stipulating: “Deep sorrow over the murder of a British student, Hannah Bladon, in today’s attack. We extend our deepest condolences to her family and we share in their sorrow”.

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