Horicon Joint Municipal Court Writ Of Commitments

The following writ of commitments have been issued by the court for a number of reasons including non-appearance and failure to pay fines. The following persons may be arrested and sentenced to jail. Alternately, they have the option of posting a bond with any law enforcement agency to be remitted to the Horicon Joint Municipal Court.
Bond may be paid by cash or money order/certified check only. Persons having any questions are urged to contact the clerk of court at 920-485-4376.
Law enforcement personnel wishing copies of any warrant may contact the Horicon Police Department or the Clerk of Court.
Hubert L. Bowie, Beaver Dam, Unreasonable and Imprudent Speed, $161.60.
Amber L. Christian, Horicon, Operate After Suspension – 4th, $338.00;
Operate After Suspension – 4th+, $338.00;
Exceeding Speed Zones – 15 over, $98.80;
Suspended Registration, $123.80;
John D. Clifton, Iron Ridge, Operate Vehicle w/o Insurance, $149.00.
Tyler Ray Collier, Rubicon, Speeding on City Hwy – 18 over, $149.00;
Suspended Registration, $149.00.
Gabriel De La Rosado, Fond du Lac, Speeding in School Zone – 12 over, $149.00.
Andrew L. Dutzle, Beaver Dam, Operater After Suspension – 2nd, $338.00.
Matthew Dvorak, Milwaukee, Restrictions on Keeping Animals, $538.00.
Jacob J. Frantz, Horicon, Possession of Paraphernalia, $716.00;
Possession of Marijuana, $1,346.00.
Justin M. Hannam, Horiocn, Transferee Fail to Apply for New Title, $123.80;
Non Registration of Auto, $123.80;
Operate Vehicle w/o Insurance, $149.00;
Fail to Return Vehicle Registration Plates, $149.00.
Norma M. Hannam, Horicon, Operate After Suspension, $338.00;
Operate Vehicle w/o Insurance, $149.00;
Failure to Transfer Title, $123.80;
Non Registration of Vehicle, $123.80.
Dustin C. Haugen, West Bend, Operate After Suspension, $338.00.
Tyler L. Hietala, Beaver Dam, Operate Vehicle w/o Insurance, $149.00.
Nicholas M. Leser, Waupun, Operate After Suspension, $224.60.
Heath C. Linberg, Juneau, Possession of Paraphernalia, $691.00.
Kayla E. Kenevan, Beaver Dam, Use Phone While Driving with Probationary/ Instructional Permit, $111.20.
Juanita N. Morris, Horicon, Operate After Suspension – 3rd, $338.00;
Operate After Suspension – 4th, $338.00.
Sarah J. Moore, Mayville, Suspended Registration, $123.80.
John W. Oberdas, Horicon, No License on Person, $338.00.
Dawn Ann Patzer, Mayville, License Restriction Violation – Class D or M Vehicle, $149.00.
Nicole Joyce Plato, Beaver Dam, Operate MV by Permittee w/o Instructor, $149.00.
Eric M. Schuetz, Horicon, Operate After Suspension – 4th, $338.00.
Terra R. Welch, Juneau, Exceeding Speed Zones – 12 over, $123.80.

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