Boy, 3, Found Naked And Wandering Streets, Begs Stranger For Help

A young boy at the age of only 3 years old, was found wandering streets naked and completely covered in feces, begged a stranger passing by, “Can I come with you? I need help.”, heard a court this week.


In an incident the judge could only describe as “harrowing”, the woman was concerned and terrified that the toddler may be accidentally hit by passing cars as the toddler “kept wandering in and out of the road”.

When she came to assist him and tried to find out where the mother was, the boy said: “She always goes to sleep.” The woman was forced to call police.

The child’s mom was later arrested and charged with neglecting a child, and she herself pleaded guilty at the trial.

Trial and Sentence

The Judge, Jonathan Bennett who jailed the woman for 6 months, stated: “The incident itself is a harrowing one.

“The woman was with her own little boy when she then meets your little boy who is covered in faeces.

“He was completely lost, had no clothing on whatsoever and appeared to her to have no road sense.

“The little boy said to her ‘can I come with you? I need help’ and she sensed the boy was in danger.

“She had to help him, he was in a dreadful state and was exposed to tremendous danger.

“I accept that you were in an abusive relationship at the time and that you had your hands full but the duty of the court is to protect the most vulnerable people in our society and this little boy was particularly vulnerable.”

The prosecuting attorney, Abigail Joyce, said to Derby Crown Court that the child had been found wandering streets during March of last year.

Joyce stated: “The woman said he was very skinny, pale, completely naked and he had faeces on his arms and legs. She said it was like he had been lying in his own poo.”

“She asked him where his mother was and he replied ‘she always goes to sleep,” mentioned Miss Joyce.

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