Bodies of gardener, wife and young son found dead in bed following house blaze

The bodies of a gardener, his wife and his seven year old son have been found dead on a double bed together following a fire which broke out at their farm cottage.

The Portuguese gardener has been named as Tiago Nunes, and his wife was Adriana. Both are in their thirties, while their son was also called Tiago. A fire tore through their rural home on Trumpet Hill Road, Surrey, without anyone noticing the blaze.

The huge blaze was only discovered when Mr Nunes did not turn up for work and his colleagues became worried. They then called 999 and emergency services personnel rushed to the scene, only to find the family huddled together in bed.

Gathering evidence

Crews put up a blew tent at the scene while they removed the bodies and gathered evidence about how the fire started. Little Tiago was a pupil at North Downs Primary School, which is sending out a letter to inform parents about the heartbreaking news.

One woman, who had previously met the gardener said that he worked in the grounds of the farm where the family lived. It is understood that Adriana worked as a cleaner in the nearby village of Beckworth. The neighbour said that she had been heading to pick up the farm owner in the morning and the fire had just been discovered.

She added that the property was still smouldering slightly, but the house looked as if the fire had happened weeks ago. She said the blaze must have broken out overnight and that no one would have been able to see because the cottage sits down a private lane and over a hill from the main farmhouse.

The family had made no attempt to call emergency services and investigators are now looking into whether the blaze was a tragic accident or if it was deliberately set.

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