10 Additional Arrests In London Since Westminster Terror Attack Last Month

London has found itself in the middle of panic and flooded by security services since the terror attack last month in Westminster.

The widespread scrutiny and investigations that have been circulating in the streets of the global capital have seen many arrests and raids by authorities in hope to neutralize the radical organism that has perpetrated the assault.

Lawmakers and executives have vowed to take every measure available in their hand to clean the country up from any potential threat, allowing the nation to live again in peace and security.

Part of an ongoing intelligence-led operation

After Thursday’s counter-terrorism raid in north London that resulted in a suspect woman being shot and killed, law officials have kept their way to find more leads and bring down as many suspects as needed to stop the terror from happening again.

In connection with that raid, law enforcement agents have located and arrested two 18-year-olds and a 19-year-old that have been linked to the killed woman.

These measure and raids have caused many to question the intensity of procedures, as a police officer called them to be part of an: “ongoing intelligence-led operation”.

Since the British government has enacted the Terrorism Act to give security forces sweeping powers to intrude and infiltrate any suspects data, 10 people have been arrested including the woman that has been shot.

Not connected to Westminster

Experts and analysts are worried about the increased power handed to law enforcement officials and the reverberations it could have in the future. About the arrest of the three woman, Scotland Yard stipulated in an official press conference: “the Willesden house had been under observation by counter-terrorism officers as part of an ongoing intelligence-led operation. The incident was not connected to the suspected attempted terrorist attack in Westminster earlier on Thursday”

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