Three-Year-Old Boy Wanders Out Of North Carolina Home During A Storm And Freezes To Death

A three-year-old boy wandered outside his North Carolina home during a storm when temperatures were plummeting and froze to death.

Venturing out in the cold:

On March 15, a passerby discovered the body of Landyn Melton was discovered on the front porch of his own Burke County home

It is thought that Landyn has ventured out of his front door while his parents, Jamie Basinger and Bradley Melton, were asleep. He had just celebrated his third birthday the day before.

It is thought that the boy got trapped outside his Burke County home in North Carolina outside in the cold after the storm shut down the door behind him.

The official cause of death has not been yet released by coroner, however, police investigating his death suspect the youngster died from hypothermia. They said they have found no evidence of trauma on his body.

The temperature that night was believed to be 20 degrees but became below zero with the wind chill value.

A tragic situation:

Steve Whisenant, Burke County Sheriff told WSOC ‘When you come to a tragic situation like this, it is always heartbreaking for everybody involved, including the officers investigating the case, so our prayers go out to all the families.’

The family had only recently moved to the neighborhood, according to neighbor Pat Williams, but nonetheless, she was very upset to hear of their loss.

Williams said ‘Being a grandmother and a great-grandmother, and that being my home place, it has touched me greatly. I’m sorry for everybody, and the whole community is praying for everybody.’

Earlier this month, the family held a service for Landyn at Hopewell Baptist Church.

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