Police Identifies woman killed during robbery outside Tulsa apartment

Law enforcement agents are examining the deadly killing of a lady in the course the raid in an area around eastern Tulsan buildings some days ago.

These gun fires were called in for Saw Mill building 19200 W. 25th Area, around half past three in the morning. A lady was discovered laid down, bearing gun blast injuries in the head, Tulsan law enforcement spokesperson Corporal Q.VV. Solomons’ stated.

“We are running through numerous loads of conjectures at the moment.”  He stated.

This lady, acknowledged by policemen to be Vinnie Jane Black, sixty-four, have alifgted from a car, started strolling to a housing building before a duo of criminals — in any case totted some kind of weapon — moved towards the victim, following behind with the intention of robbing the victim, law enforcement stated in a media statement.

Black got fired upon when upon whirling back, fought the hooligans with the intent to disarm them, law enforcement explained.

One of the tenants living in the apartments informed security men about the victim banging at his house entrance with urgency during the period of the carnage. The police spokesperson stated that a different neighbour had called in the authorities.

The muggers fled northwards via the apartments following is incident. The law enforcement emergency response squad combed the area for their presence but their trail vanished around that particular area, the security men added.