George Michael to Leave Most of his £105 Million Fortune to “Favourite Sister”

George Michael’s sister is to be the main beneficiary of his reported £105 million fortune.  According to The Sun newspaper Melanie, 55, is to receive £50 Million and a significant chunk of the singer’s property portfolio.

Melanie and George Michael were particularly close and she was by his side when he was travelling the world at the height of his fame.  His other sister, Yioda, 57, will also receive a significant portion of his estate.

An insider said, “George was very close to his sisters, and the understanding is that they’re going to inherit most of his wealth, par­ticularly Melanie who he was incredibly close to.  She was there at many of the big milestones in his life, and was there by his side until the very end.”

It is alleged that Melanie caused the budget of the Careless Whisper video to double after she cut her brother’s hair.  Much of the video had to be reshot as earlier scenes became useless.

It was important for George Michael to support his family even after his death.  Both of his sisters were by his side in 2011 when he became ill with pneumonia.

The official division of the later singer’s assets will not begin until after the cause of death is established.  The Oxfordshire Coroner’s Office gave this statement, “The death of Mr George Michael has been reported to the Oxfordshire Coroner’s Office.

“As with all deaths where the cause of death is not immediately apparent, a post-mortem examination is to be undertaken in due course in order to confirm the cause of death.

“This information is required before the coroner can decide whether there is a need for an inquest. If a natural cause of death is confirmed, there will be no need for an inquest.

“All of this is in accordance with normal procedures and does not imply that there is currently any reason to believe the cause of death is in any way suspicious.”

Mr Michael was found dead on Christmas Day by his partner, Fadi Fawaz.