Death upon News of Their Release

Recent figures have shown that almost 700 patients have died prior to being released from hospitals in Scotland between March 2015 and September 2016.

The over delay of discharging a patient from the hospital is known as ‘bed-blocking,’ and the Health Minister, Shona Robison, has demanded that such a matter must be tackled immediately and come to a permanent stop.

Although those who were meant to be discharged were considered medically fit to be released, the problem is the long postponing duration when they must first wait for assistance to arrive in order for them to be sent home, or for an empty spot to open up for them at a care center or home.

As a result of such undesirable waiting, those patients end up using a bed at the hospital which instead could have served another patient in need.

Death at the Last Minute

According to the statistics revealed by the NHS, it has shown that over 43,919 additional days had been used up by patients as a direct result from the controversial increase of bed blocking since last October.

There Could Be Far More

Labour has declared that the number of deaths amongst the patients could possibly be far more due to some health boards being prevented from revealing all the true numbers due to identified individual patients.

The spokesman for Labour, Anas Sarwar expressed major frustration and disappointment regarding these latest figures, stating that every hospital in Scotland has undergone these unwanted and deadly delays of patients’ release, increasing the death tolls.

Mr. Sarwar went on to criticize Shona Robison’s plan of action that was set to take action and reduce or completely eliminate this situation, stating that nothing has been done so far and the only thing that has changed is the increase of the deaths.

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