Dead Woman Found With Scarf Enclosed Around Her Neck

Authorities in Manhattan have discovered the body of 27 year old Brooke Garcia, a mother of a four year old as she was sighted dead on her bed and a scarf had been enclosed around her neck, which has led to the authorities in treating her death as a suspicious and not that of an accident of any sort.

Garcia was situated in the Wald Houses located at 10 Avenue D towards the East Village, and her death had been discovered by the authorities around early afternoon last Wednesday.

As the police had raced to the house, they had pronounced her dead upon arrival.

Very Suspicious

The authorities of Manhattan have arrested one man at the moment with charges that were not linked with this incident, and although he has not been referred to as a potential suspect for this case, he was still being interrogated nonetheless about a previous incident in which he allegedly had punched a woman on New Year’s Eve and left her with a bloody and severely damaged mouth.

Delia Cancel, Garcia’s next door neighbor says she had just seen her the previous day in the hallway, and expressed her shock about the sudden death of her neighbor.

Not One Sound

Katy Hernandez, another neighbor of Garcia also expressed her shock to this matter, saying that she had been at her home with her dog, and not one sound had been heard by her.

Hernandez went to describe this event by saying it serves as nothing less but “nerve-racking to know it was right there.” Friends of Garcia have described her as a quiet yet extremely caring person, especially towards her daughter.

Oscar Ruiz, Garcia’s friend says she used to always call Garcia just to check in on her daughter. A medical examination is currently underway in order to determine the context and official cause behind Garcia’s suspicious death.

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