Bus Crash in Italy Results in 16 Deaths

A bus that was moving on a highway situated around northern Italy crashed into a pillar of a bridge last Friday around 11 pm.

A total of 16 deaths have been reported from the crash and about 40 others were wounded.

Hungarian students were aboard the bus and reports have stated that as it crashed it had burst into flames.

The bridge that had been crashed into was said to be around the area of Verona.

Photos of the scene showed the coach to be set ablaze entirely, and the majority of those aboard the bus were students in their teens.

Meanwhile the rest of those aboard were teachers and parents.

A Burning Death

Reports have stated that it can be expected that the death figures may go up at this point as those wounded are still being treated.

The majority of the victims were said to be completely engulfed by the blaze that had resulted as soon as the bus collided into the bridge pillar.

The Hungarian Foreign Minister’s spokesman states that this bus had 54 passengers along with two drivers.

The majority of those on board had been schoolchildren from Hungary who had been on a ski trip in France and were returning home. One passenger is said to be in a heavily induced coma at this moment.

Driver Lost Control

Peter Szijjarto, Hungary’s Foreign Minister, states that the driver had apparently lost control of the bus which then struck a guard rail and then the pillar, ending with a huge blaze.

Investigators were said not to have located any signs of brake marks from the scene at the moment.

However, reports have also stated that a truck driver from Slovenia who was behind the bus had apparently attempted to get the attention of the driver in letting him know that there was a problem with one of the bus’s wheels.

The truck driver after the accident stayed at the scene in order to assist the investigators who arrived.

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