US Soldier Mysteriously Dies On Last Day Of Family Vacation In Europe

A US soldier with the Georgia Army National Guard died on his last day of the family vacation in Europe. The family is being kept in the dark.


37-year old Major Kyle Tafel was at a casino on his last night in Belarus on June 12. While there he supposedly got into an argument.

With a knock at the door of his aunt’s suit, police inform his family that his body was found outside on the hotel sidewalk, about three hours after the argument.

His father Kevin said, “Kyle’s body had been tossed off the roof or the balcony.”

“My sisters were extremely upset. They were freaking out,” he said. “They couldn’t find out how he was out of [his room].”

The distraught father said he didn’t contact investigators in Belarus and he said it they haven’t tried to contact him either. He went on to say “I have not asked any questions, I have not received any answers. All the answers in the world is not going to bring Kyle back.”

Major Tafel, who had been serving in the Georgia Army National Guard for 17 years, had accompanied his aunts on the trip to support and protect them as they were going to a rough neighborhood. One of his aunts was attending a weight lifting competition.


The National Guard spokeswoman Desiree Bamba told press that the US Army Criminal Investigation Command, will be getting involved and will be investigating his death.

Tafel’s body was brought back to Georgia on Wednesday and the funeral took place Friday at 12.30 at Darby Funeral Home in Canton. Tafel was very familiar with the Eastern European region as he had spent time there when he was stationed in the country of Georgia. After visiting Belarus, they were planning on heading to Hungary.

“He was a fun-loving, very generous son,” Kevin Tafel said. “Great son, great soldier.”

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