Police Arrest Suspect After Pushing A Man In Front Of Moving Train

Police have arrested a suspect for pushing a man in front of “a moving tram.”

The Incident

According to Manchester Police, they have arrested a woman, 31, who is suspected to be the attacker who pushed a man in front of a moving tram in Victoria station in Manchester. She has been detained for questioning, police said. No other information has yet been released regarding the woman’s suspected involvement.

A spokesman for the police said: “Shortly after 7.50pm on Sunday 11 June 2017 police were called to Victoria Station to reports of a collision involving a man and a tram.

“Emergency services attended but the man sadly died at the scene.”

“An 31-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion of murder and remains in custody for questioning.”

The incident was reported by a driver for Metrolink at around 7:45 local time on Sunday. The man, who was also around 30, died at the scene. The incident caused a several hours of service disruption on the “Bury line.”

Service Delays

Metrolink sent out a tweet about the delay saying that there was “an ongoing medical emergency,” advising people to stay away from Victoria station. Those seriously affected by the delay were people attending the festival “Park Life” in Heaton Park.

They also sent out a “walking map” in order to direct people to the festival by foot- which is an hour long walk. Some attendees thought the advice to walk three miles on a dark route was “unbelievable”, whereas others thought there was “safety in numbers.”

Comments On the Incident

Stephen Rhodes, the customer director of Metrolink, said he is “absolutely devastated” about the incident.

He issued a statement, saying: “My immediate thoughts are with this person’s family and friends.”

“As this is now a police investigation it would not be appropriate for me to make any further comment about what happened at this time.”

He encouraged those who were able to walk to do so and said 100 buses were also in place, adding: “I’d ask everyone to please bear with us and be patient.”

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