Plane crash near a small airport on the outskirts of New York City has claimed the lives of two

There will be an investigation by the federal investigators to ascertain what caused the aircraft to go down before crashing on Tuesday near a small airport.
A statement by the police has it that two crew members died when the Learjet 35 burst into flames on Monday afternoon in Carlstadt, an area of small warehouses and commercial buildings about a quarter-mile away from the Teterboro Airport’s runway. It was reported that no passengers aboard or people on the ground were injured.

How did it happen?

A video camera from a closeby business reveals the force of occurrence and a massive fireball. A study of the video also disclosed a man headed towards the crash site across a parking area; he appeared as thick, black smoke oozing into the air. Also, two out of the three building that was involved in the fire incident were severely affected by the fire.
Police also said that 13 vehicles were damaged due to the crash. In a bid to extinguish the raging fire, emergency responders were very active for over an hour, and this left the cars in the lot in an unpleasant condition.

More about the crash and its aftermath

The plane that got crashed was registered to a firm, A&C Big Sky Aviation in Billings, Montana which has a residential address owned by Daniel and Julane Wells. As at Monday night, there was no answer at their home as regards the crash.
After the incident, the airport was closed down. In the evening, departing flights were allowed to take off while arriving flights were not permitted.
A statement by Carlstadt Mayor Craig Lahullier has it that all town employees had already gone for the day before the incident happened close to the town’s commercial place. He further explained that it’s a miracle.
Joe Orlando, the town spokesman, said that there were remnants of the charred wreckage with the parts and wheels of the fuselage. Witnesses also reported that they heard popping noises, perhaps they came from the car tire explosion.
Joe came back to see the engine of the plane on the floor after he left the public works building barely 15 minutes ago.
Orlando emphasized that people would have been in their cars if the crash happened 20 minutes earlier. As such many more casualties would have been recorded.
The co-founder of AOL and an entrepreneur, Steve Case said that the plane that got crashed seemed to have missed a turn, writing in an Instagram post from what he saw while on a plane waiting to take off.
A spokesman for Carlstadt police said that the aircraft seemed to be listing before it got into flames. Then again, the National Weather Service cautioned of high winds up to 45 mph with gusts before the going down of the plane.

Bottom line

Meanwhile, investigations are still going on to determine the cause of the crash. The plane was said to have flown from Teterboro to Bedford, Massachusetts during the early hours of Monday. Before leaving for Teterboro during the day, it had flown to Philadephia during the start of hours of same Monday.
Teterboro has remained the oldest airport still functioning in the New York City area. It is owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.