Man shot around campus after rescuing victim

A man in his twenties was killed in front of a drinking house three days ago in Tuscaluosa and the suspected killer has been locked up.
Captain Garry Hood who is a police spokesperson confirmed that a combination of the local and campus security details showed up at the scene of the killing around two in the morning, in one of the car parks. When they got to the scene, they found the deceased, Brendan Moss, on the ground with several bullet injuries.
The victim got moved to the nearby clinic and they declared him dead. He was aged twenty-three.
Eyewitnesses present informed policemen that when the liquor house shut down around two in the morning, there was fracas in the car park on the other side of the road as four black guys assaulted another man.
Brendan witnessed it and moved to save the man being assaulted.
The police spokesman narrated how after saving the assaulted black man, Brendan had strode to where one of the guys who was driving away from the scene was and engaged him in a conversation. As they were conversing, a different guy who had not been part of the altercation creep up from the back and started shooting at Brendan many times.
The victim fled away up to seventy-five feet before falling.
Subsequent to taking down eyewitness reports and going through security camera videos, policemen recognized Mark Russel, a twenty-six year old man as the killer. He was arrested in his lover’s house and was arraigned for man-slaughter, taking shots at a car that had someone in it, along with having a gun without a permit.