In-depth search for killer of two daughters and mother intensifies in North Royalton

The killing of two girls and their mother, a 45-year old Suzanne Taylor has called the attention of the North Royalton Police as they intensify the search for the perpetrators of such act.

The investigation scenario

According to the detectives, there are no suspects at the moment, but they are investigating seriously to get down some persons and urged the community not to fret as the act was a targeted one on the home and not in the community as a whole.

Speaking on the killing of the 18-year old Kylie Pifer, 21-year old Taylor Pifer and their mother, Rhonda Whitelock who was a long time friend stated that it’s very hard to let go the memories they shared in the last forty years of friendship. She further said that the woman killed has been her friend since when the age of five. Whitelock plans to organize a vigil for the three killed. According to relatives, Kylie who was 18 was going to turn 19 this weekend before the ugly incident took place.
Reminiscing, Whitelock recounted how good a person Suzanne was, always feeling positive, laughing and fun to stay around with.

Reports from North Royalton Police

According to the North Royalton police, a friend to one of the girls killed called to report an unusual happening in the family’s house located on Ridge Road. The caller called 911 around 8:00 on Sunday evening and was heard as he was heard saying that a man picked the lock and moved in and said the door to the bedroom was shut. Afterward, he opened the door and said that a body was in there.

While monitoring the house, all traces of evidence were searched for, and they found the lifeless body of the three in one bedroom. The Police reported that they don’t know how long the bodies have been laying there, but it is evident that Suzanne was stabbed. Detective Dave Loeding said that one of the deaths was a result of the stabbing, but cannot tell what was used in killing the other two.
Sequel to the incident, a neighbor Katherine Chirato said that she wondered if there was any need to keep calm as there may be a murderer up to something in the vicinity as a whole. Detective Loeding said that interests are in some persons, and this will be treated with time.

The stepmother to the killed daughters said that they all had a great time before their death, and nobody expected the incident. She said that nobody knows what was going or what caused the incident. Whitelock said that the incident is not right, as the ladies were just young and promising, those ladies never deserved that.

According to investigators, there will need to conduct lab tests and forensics. Meanwhile, a vigil will be held for Suzanne and her daughters in front of the North Royalton School where the ladies who were killed graduated. The vigil is scheduled to hold on Wednesday by 8:30 p.m.