HBO tells critics of planned show to cease Twitter campaign

HBO, a cable channel has called on the critics of its proposed slavery-themed drama with the title Confederate to hold back their judgment until the plan manifests somewhat. This is coming in response to the campaign on social media to dismiss the project.

Reign leads the #NO Confederate campaign

After the idea by April Reign, the woman who headed the #Oscars SoWhite campaign about two years ago encouraged people to speak against the proposed show by HBO, the #No Confederate hashtag became trendy on Twitter on Sunday.

People who stand against the plan see it as inappropriate and aggressive especially when it comes from two white makers – D.B Weiss and David Benioff, the makers of Game of Thrones.

In a tweet by Reign, she said that it’s the best time to make HBO stop their plans for that show before they invest much on it or kick off with the casting.

HBO unveils progress of the Confederate

Last week, HBO said that the show is in its infant stages of making, and would portray a scenario where slavery exists in the U.S and nation is on the edge of the third world war.

Speaking of the campaign on social media against its plans for Confederate, HBO said that it respects the concern and dialogues, but there’s much to expect with Weiss, Benioff and their black partners who do the writing – Malcolm Spellman and Nichelle.

HBO also said that the project is in its early stage. As such, people should hold fires until they have something to see.
Likewise, the creators responded to the campaign saying they don’t advocate slavery, neither does the show does.

Malcolm Spellman admitted that the proposition was weapons-grade materials but stated that the series would give an insight on how white supremacy and racism are effective in the U.S even after over 150 years of the abolishment of slavery.

However, the Twitter campaign headed by Reign seems not to be ending soon. Reign tweeted again during the late hours on Sunday reiterating the #NoConfederate hashtag.

The scarcity of the black and brown actors in the Oscar nominations for 2015 and 2016 which caused the boycott of the annual event by some filmmakers, leading to the #OscarSoWhite campaign. The movement made the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to widen its membership to include younger ones, people of color and more women.