Four schools placed on lock down in clown scare

Children at four schools have been told to stay in their classrooms after staff received threats from ‘killer clowns’.
The four schools, all in the West Lothian area of Scotland, were kept indoors following what was described as “threatening communications”.
One pupil has posted an image on their social media, which seems to show a masked clown in the grounds of their school.
Parents said they were fearful for their children’s safety after rumours started to circulate the tightly-knit communities that there were killer clowns on the rampage with knives and baseball bats.
Officers from West Lothian said they knew nothing about killer clowns, but were looking into threats made to the schools.
Police attended St Margaret’s Academy in Livington, James Young High School, Inveralmond Community High School and Livington and Bathgate Academy.
One parent said she had received a message from her son saying there were killer clowns in school, police in attendance and children locked in their classrooms.
Another said that pupils were sharing images on snapchat of clowns in the grounds. They said: “This is a disgrace. I cannot believe people think it’s okay to scare kids like this. It’s going to end up out of control as parents will be rushing to school in panic.”
One parent said that pupils were being told to turn off their mobile phones.
Even though schools were moving to reassure parents that their children were safe, many parents opted to collect their youngsters early.
The so-called killer clown pranking trend began in the US, and has moved to the other side of the pond. Police believe pranks are being arranged via social media.
There have been numerous reports across both America and Britain of people dressed up as clowns jumping out from foliage to scare children.
There are fears that the killer clown phenomenon may come to a head on Halloween. However other people believe that everyone will be thoroughly bored by it then and the trend will simply peter out.
Police in Scotland say they will be doing everything possible to identify those responsible for making threats to schools.
The sinister craze has led to many people posting personal experiences across social media. One young woman in Walsall in the Midlands said a clown tried to get into her car before following her to a local pub, while a motorist in Manchester took a picture of clowns he said were wielding machetes.

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