Don’t go, Prime Minister tells bank boss

Bank of England governor Mark Carney has received a ringing endorsement from Prime Minister Theresa May.
Mr Carney is reportedly considering a move back to his native Canada following high profile spats with Theresa May’s government.
However, Mrs May, who will be keen to prevent any further economic turmoil, given that she is already dealing with the implications of the EU referendum in June, has said she would like him to stay for at least another five years.
An official spokeswoman for Mrs May has said the Prime Minister firmly believes Mr Carney is the right person for the Bank of England’s top job.
Reports have claimed that Mr Carney could be about to announce that he will be leaving in 2018. However, following discussions with Mrs May, he is now believed to be more likely to stay.
When Mr Carney first took the job in 2013, it was with the commitment that he would serve five years, but the then Chancellor George Osborne said he would have the option to stay until 2021.
It was thought that he would like to steer the UK through the turbulent waters of an exit from Europe, although in recent months, he has criticised the Government for trying to become too heavily involved in Bank of England decisions.
If he does go, he has said it would be a decision which was “entirely personal”.
Mr Carney is a family man with a wife and four daughters, who all moved from Canada to London with him three years ago.
However, a spokeswoman for Mrs May said the Prime Minister did not want to see him go. She said: “The PM has been clear in her support for the governor and the work he is doing for the country.”
While she continued that it was clearly a decision for Mr Carney, she said Mrs May would be supportive of him continuing in the role for longer than five years.
She added: “The PM has always had a good working relationship with the governor of the Bank of England and intends to continue that.”
The spokeswoman added that Mrs May “absolutely” thought that Mr Carney was the right man for the job.
The Bank of England has said that Mr Carney will make an announcement on how long he intends to remain in post for before the end of this year.

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