Distributors of KKK fliers in Texas City likely to face criminal matter charges

Contrary to what the plastic bags left in the area of 27th Avenue North Texas City appeared to be – free skittles or chocolates for house owners who hoist the American flag; the plastic bags features fliers with messages from KKK (Ku Klux Klan) in black and white.

Neighbors express their feelings

A neighbor, Mark Pandanell said that he thought what the dump could be. While some of the fliers make mirth of the Confederate flag, displaying words that advocate saying no to cultural Genocide, others present a Klan member in a hood inscribed with the phrase that enjoins people to follow the best, else they die like others.

In line with the reports, another neighbor, Austin Ray said that he feels uneasy talking about the issue because he wants to go and see his son and know how he’s doing. Ray feels insecure about his 13-year old son, although he was bred in Texas City.

Another neighbor, Christopher Morris made it clear that he rides past these streets always and have been seeing different and numerous children are playing among themselves, but he never thought that such was in the vicinity. He further stated that despite the freedom of speech, he doesn’t deem it right to put something that talks about joining the best or die like others in someone’s driveway.

Mark couldn’t hold it and wants the perpetrators of such acts to be apprehended, as he took photos of the fliers and bags to Facebook, causing his peeps at City Hall to opt for investigation by sending the Texas City Police.
Pandanell stated perhaps it would dawn on those behind the act that they are not welcome; as such they will keep off.

Statement issued by the investigators

In line with the investigation on the incident, the Police Department of Texas City has issued a statement where it considers such as criminality act and will face the right criminal charges. They further urged anybody with relevant information on the case to contact Det. J. Winstead at 409-643-5838. Then again, for those who wouldn’t want to disclose their identity, they can reach the Mainland Communities Crime Stoppers at 409-945-8477.