British Mother Posts Warning’s On Facebook After Her Child Was Almost Kidnapped By Mystery Woman

A British mother has posted warning on Facebook in which she alarms parents after her almost two-year-old baby was almost kidnapped by a mystery woman on the second day of Blaise’s holiday.

Blaise Deacon, who is from Biggin Hill near Bromley, Kent, recalled the night when a mystery woman accosted her late at night and tried to kidnap her 23-month-old daughter at HYB Eurocalas Hotel in Calas de Mallorca, Majorca.

The warning

Cops are now investigating the mother’s claims as she alarmed other parents, issuing a warning to take extra care of their children while travelling, especially during holidays.

The former Marks and Spencer’s employee took to Facebook to alarm other parents, saying “As most of you know we are on holiday in Spain. It’s now day five and on our second day, we had the worst thing happen to us.”

“A lady approached us at around 11 pm as my daughter was on my lap and her dad had gone to the toilet. The lady put her arms around her telling us that she was taking her. But I held on tight as my sister told her no.”

“When the women realized she wasn’t getting her she took off running. I chased her and she runs out of the hotel into a car.”

The hotel was not helpful

Right after the incident, the mother reported the attempt to the HYV Eurocalas Hotel whose response fell short of responsibility as they purportedly claimed that they did not want to sabotage the hotel’s image and reputation by reporting about such incident. However, the police were helpful.

She continues: “Please be aware on your holidays! Anyone can enter the hotels. Be extra vigilant. Please share and make families aware.”

“But I turned to Facebook to warn people coming out or already on holiday here to keep a close eye on their young kids.”

The suspect woman who attempted to kidnap Deacon’s young daughter is described as dark-skinned blonde.

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