Bravo! Woman stops car thief

Melisa Smiths memo for the prospective vehicle robber was straight to the point: “I am in no mood to deal on this nonsense at the moment!”

A crook attempted stealing her utility vehicle; however Melisa was not about letting it slide. Actually, the lady launched herself on the car, climbed the trunk, and refused alighting till the criminal quit.

This event, that took place yesterday at some petrol dispenser somewhere in America, got recorded in a footage and is now widespread everywhere

Remarking about this incident, Cable News Network’s Broke Baldwyn queried Smiths: “You’re insane?”

“Actually a bit,” Smiths said in her reply, prior to clearing up on what happened.

“Staying on the rear would make the criminal zoom off, leaving me there,” Melisa explained. However mounting into the trunk, Melisa realised the criminal wouldn’t take it for granted.

“These are my actions…wouldn’t you get off the vehicle ” Melisa Smiths, leapt at the trunk to face the thief.

“I screamed, hit the windscreen severally,” recollected Smiths. “The thief, consecutively, chuckled …trying to hurl me out, continuing in his laughter.”

Nevertheless, Smiths took the day.

Subsequent to activating windscreen blades plus jerking on the braking systems to throw Melissa out of the trunk, he resigned as he ran into some other car. Melissa quickly came down, entered the vehicle before applying on the brakes.

Smiths agreed her exploits were dangerous, although she insisted on not tolerating “such types of actions.”

Following that upsetting torment, Smiths revealed how she put a call through to the fiancée. He had boiled over when the footage came to his knowledge.

“My man was not excessively pleased about that choice, except that I remain incredibly pleased I remain secure,” the woman concluded.