Vets warn against the new canine flu

Veterinarians persuade pet lovers to be meticulous with their pets following the evolution of the canine flu, at least two lethal cases of this flu has been recorded in the North California.

Speaking about the Flu and the causes of the deaths recorded in the North California, experts say that they are in connection with a dog show in Georgia and Florida.

Experts take on the cases of canine flu

According to Dr. Jennifer Schultz, a veterinarian, the cases of this flu apparent in North Carolina are with dogs that took part in shows and returned with the flu. She further listed out some symptoms of the sickness, urging everyone to be aware of the signs. The symptoms include sneezing, fatigue, fever, and coughing. In her statement, she advocates that pet owners that are mindful of the fact that their dogs are not healthy should isolate such dogs from others.

Bill Ebner who owns a pet and was going to the Oakwood Dog Park on Thursday said that dogs cannot tell their health condition. As such, it’s nice to have them examined. He further made a comparison saying that such scenario can be related to humans going to doctor when they experience symptoms.

Often, experts advise vaccination as the protective measure from the flu. Experts advise that you call the attention of your veterinarian as soon as your dogs start to exhibit any of the flu symptoms.

An owner of a Raleigh dog, Maxwell Crino said that his love for his dogs is inexplicable, and that makes him feel concern for them whenever they get sick. He further stated that he just got to the area where he stays and will ensure that his pet will be safe by taking the necessary precautions.