Snortable chocolate can get you high

The product, Coko Loko which combines the standard energy drink ingredients with cacao was legalized last month. The snortable chocolate was debuted drug-free and a quick energy booster. While Coko Loko has been certified drug-free and legal, doctors still detest the act of taking up chocolates through the nose as it poses a great health risk.

Coko Loko

The snortable chocolate was manufactured by Nick Anderson, the 29-year old entrepreneur behind the firm legal lean. This product is sold as a healthier and legal form of the codeine cough syrup popularly known as purple drank or lean. Legal Lean was made for the relaxation of the mind.

The product serves a different purpose. It contains cacao and other ingredients often present in energy drinks such as Monster and Red Bull – the ingredients are guarana, gingko bilboa, and taurine. An intake of the Coko Loko causes a significant rise in energy that lasts between 30 minutes to one hour, causing the rush of endorphin without a sugar crash.
Speaking to Denver Post about Coko Loko, he stated that it’s more like an energy drink that makes you motivated while being euphoric.

Tracing back snortable chocolate

Snortable chocolates trace back to when European clubgoers often use cacao for a hard stimulant alternative. In 2007, Belgian chocolatier Dominique Persoone made waves with the invention of the Chocolate Shooter device for cocoa powder snorting.

The processing of cacao at a lower heat to retain some vital nutrients is done in the production of Coko Loko. Medical experts have proposed and called out the dangers of such powder. Guarana and Taurine have been proved to raise blood pressure and cause heart complications; doctors say the adverse effect can be worse when taken in via the nasal cavity.

Dr. Andre Lane told Denver Post that it’s not clear the amount of intake that is dangerous, but it’s not right to inhale it as it may get stuck or mix with the mucus. However, the Food & Drug Administration has not approved the product nor decided how to control the product. Coko Loko is up for sales in stores in Houston and Atlanta. A tin sells for $24.99.