Number Of Casualties In Grenfell Tower Disaster Unknown And Could Take Days To Find Out

The number of people missing in the Grenfell Tower disaster is unknown and the final reveal of the death toll would take days, London’s fire commissioner said today.

Doubts Of Survival

Dany Cotton said that “tragically we are not expecting to find anyone else alive” as the number of casualties rose to 17.

“There are unknown numbers of people in the building.” she said.

“Due to the severity of the fire and the way things are it will take us a long time to do for us to do that search to properly identify anyone who is still in the building. Tragically now we are not expecting to find anyone else alive.” Cotton said.

The death toll of 17 people is confirmed dead so far. However, 34 others were admitted to the hospital where 18 are in a severe condition. Police have also assumed that the death toll may rise to get as high as 100 or more.

In a message, the Queen paid tribute to the “bravery” of firefighters.

She also expressed admiration towards the “incredible generosity” of the volunteers who provided help and support to the victims of the fire.


In a statement from Buckingham Palace, the Queen said: “My thoughts and prayers are with those families who have lost loved ones in the Grenfell Tower fire and the many people who are still critically ill in hospital.”

“Prince Philip and I would like to pay tribute to the bravery of firefighters and other emergency services officers who put their own lives at risk to save others.”

“It is also heartening to see the incredible generosity of community volunteers rallying to help those affected by this terrible event.”

Prime Minster Theresa May visited the site to pay tribute to the victims who lost their lives in the blaze after she pledged a full investigation into the cause of the blaze.

“When it’s possible to identify the cause of this fire, then of course there will be proper investigation and if there are any lessons to be learnt they will be, and action will be taken.” said Mrs May.

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