London Mayor Sadiq Khan Releases “Public Health Emergency” Warning

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has released “public health emergency” warning of toxic air as a that would take over London over the next three days.

Public health emergency alert

The public health emergency warnings will be pinned at bus stops, on road signs and on the underground.

A spokesman said: “Due to the continued warm and sunny weather conditions, high levels of pollution are forecast tomorrow, particularly near busy roads. As a result of this, the mayor has triggered a London-wide air quality alert this afternoon on the transport system to ensure Londoners are fully aware and able to take any extra precautions needed.”

Air pollution would take over central parts of the capital including Westminster and the Square Mile, after climbing to “moderate” in a total of 17 boroughs on Wednesday.

No physical outdoor activities for them

However, there are speculations that levels of toxicity are expected to return to normal on Friday, air text forecasts released by the Mayor speculates that London’s busiest roads will be hit with “high” pollution on all three days.

Mr Khan said: “London’s dirty air is a public health emergency.”

“We will continue to use all the technology at our disposal to inform Londoners about levels of air pollution in their neighborhoods.”

Official advice issued by the Department for the Environment says: “Adults and children with lung problems, and adults with heart problems, who experience symptoms, should consider reducing strenuous physical activity, particularly outdoors.”

The issue suggests that these groups of people who suffer from lung and heart issues are urged to limit strenuous physical exertion, particularly outdoors, and especially if the symptoms emerge.

“Anyone experiencing discomforts such as sore eyes, cough or a sore throat should consider reducing activity, particularly outdoors.” the guidance says.

“People with asthma may find they need to use their reliever inhaler more often. Older people should also reduce physical exertion.”

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