Doctors say trampolines are not safe for kids

The attention of the public and the media has been called following the serious injury sustained by a 3-year old boy from Florida while playing in a trampoline park.

A Facebook post by Kaitlin Hill on Tuesday revealed that her son had his femur damaged while jumping on a trampoline at a park in Tampa. She wrote in her post that her sweet son has to live with a hip spica cast for the coming six weeks.

Trampoline possibly poses more danger – Experts

Hill’s Facebook post which has been shared over 260,000 times as of Wednesday afternoon has it that many parks defile the advice by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons for kids below the age of six to stay away from trampolines.

Likewise, the American Academy of Pediatrics advocates that trampolines should not be meant for children of all ages, stressing that injuries can occur despite the padding and enclosures. In rare occasions when parents want to allow their kids to use trampolines, the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that a constant supervision by an adult should be made available. Then again, one jumper should take advantage of the trampoline at a time, while restricting flips and somersaults.

An orthopedic surgeon, Armin Tehrany who is also the founder of Manhattan Orthopedic care said that young children are prone to injuries from trampolines, their bones are still tender. As such, playing on trampoline impacts progressive stress on the soft and growing bones that poses a high risk of fracture.

The rate of growth of trampoline injuries increases with the fast-growing number of trampoline parks. This is seen in the rise of emergency room entrance for trampoline park-related injuries from 581 in 2010 to a massive 6,932 in 2014 – as recorded by a pediatric research last year.

Tehrany looks forward to seeing safety measures and medical recommendations put up by trampoline parks. While trampolines appear to be safe to some parents, Tehrany warned that they are not completely safe.