Animal control does nothing in several instances of dog attacks

The Detroit Free Press has reported that according to information acquired by them, no action has been taken against the Metamora couple whose dogs terrorized and attacked people in the neighborhood two years ago. The news organisation reviewed interviews, court, animal control and police records to determine whether any action was taken against the menace. In 2013, dog owners Sebastiano Quagliata and Valbona Lucaj failed to appear in court after they were given two civil violation tickets because their dogs had attacked an old man. Eventually, a fine of $280 was paid by them and the lawsuit was dismissed.

Following the attack on the old man last year, in July of this year, two of their dogs were again held responsible for attacking and killing a morning walker, Craig Sytsma. This was the third attack with the first attack taking place in the summer of 2012. In the first attack, April Smith the victim had suffered three tears in her leg and had filed a case against the owners in which she received $20,000 as compensation. In the first instance, the owners were not fined nor were they issued tickets by Animal Control.

Many experts have opined that they should be facing criminal prosecution for repeated instances of dog attacks. Bob Gatt of Oakland County Animal Control also had the same opinion when he said that cases such as these should be handed over to the Prosecutor’s office. He also said that the dogs were clearly dangerous and were not in check by their owners.

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