You’re about to lose: Theresa May told Supreme Court is about to rule against her on Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May has been warned that the Supreme Court is expected to rule against her, meaning that MPs will be given the right to vote before Article 50 can be triggered. As a result, Mrs May is now putting together a bill to present to parliament to allow her to begin Brexit proceedings.

Ministers are busy preparing four different versions of the bill and will decide which one they present to parliament after the 11 judges of the Supreme Court give their ruling next week. It is understood that the bill is being kept as simple as possible to try to meet Mrs May’s aim of triggering Article 50 before the end of March.

Awaiting Supreme Court ruling

According to a government insider, while there are four drafts, they all give the government power to start withdrawing from the EU. However, they added that none of these drafts were regarded as the final article and that the government was awaiting the Supreme Court ruling before deciding on its next step.

The expected ruling comes as Mrs May is getting ready to travel to Washington DC to talk with President Donald Trump next week. While she was the tenth world leader to speak to President Trump over the phone following his election victory, the trip could mean that she is the first to meet the President after his official inauguration. It is thought that she will spend at least two days in the American capital.

The US and British leaders will certainly have plenty to talk about. While Mr Trump earlier said that he was prepared to do a trade deal with Britain, in his inauguration speech, he made a pledge to the American people that he would buy US goods first and put Americans first when it comes to employment opportunities.

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