U.S Officer Detained In Thailand For Carrying Gun In Her Bag, Having Passed All Security Checks In The Los Angeles Airport

The current airport regulations worldwide are increasingly undergoing harsher methods of vetting, attempting to secure their domain from the global security threat of radical entities.

In particular, countries like the United States of America and other Western countries have implemented strict measures with the help of security technology and advancements.

Security forces at the international airport in Taiwan were surprised to find a gun in the bag of an off-duty officer arriving from Los Angeles.

The American woman was not scrutinized in the Los Angeles International Airport and was allowed to undergo regular screening. Santa Monica Officer Noell Grant is since being hold in Taiwan under the custody of authorities and is barred from exiting the country.

Official acknowledgment

In the U.S, Transportation Security Administration Public Affairs Manager, Mr. Nico Melendez, said in an official report that his agency: “has determined standard procedures were not followed and a police officer did in fact pass through the checkpoint with a firearm. We’ll hold those responsible appropriately accountable”.

The Santa Monica Police Department was informed of the incident, confirming that their employee was registered on family vacation and the public information officer commented saying: “We know that she left out of here — out of LAX — arrived in Taiwan, at which point she notified officials in Taiwan that she inadvertently left a weapon in her bag, being the gun that was found”.

Public concern

The detained American officer claims to have forgotten the arm in her bag and didn’t intend to take the banned item on her holiday trip with her.

The issue being highlighted in the media is the nature of the airport screening performed by the security personnel on Mrs. Monica and the possibility of such a weapon to slip away from the eyes of the airport staff.  

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