Mother of four collapses in court over legal wrangle involving her children

A tragic 32 year old mother of four has collapsed and died following a ruling in a family court. Hayley Gascoigne suffered a cardiac arrest while sitting at court, next to her parents Terry and Kathleen, who were there to support her.

The mum, who leaves behind three sons and a baby daughter, began convulsing and was bluelighted to hospital by paramedics. However, doctors could not manage to save her live and her mother has been left to break the heartbreaking news to her youngsters.

Detectives say they are now probing the cause of her death after a family member voiced concerns that she could have taken something when she went to the toilet just before she became violently ill. Her devastated father said that his daughter had died in her sister’s arms, blaming the stress of the court case for her death.

Paramedics called

Ms Gascoigne’s desperate mother was heard screaming for an ambulance when her daughter started to fit and shake. It is understood that the ruling in the family court, which is kept private under law, had been given before she became ill. A trained first aider first ran to the scene, before a security guard game to assist while her legal team called emergency services. Her family said she had no history of taking drugs, but one voiced fears that she may have taken something.

By the time a first responder paramedic arrived at the scene, she had stopped breathing. When support crew arrived, she was given adrenalin in an attempt to get her heart beating again.


She was taken by ambulance to Hull Royal Infirmary, but pronounced dead in hospital. Already, tributes have started to flood in for her. One friend described her a a “lovely, warm kind person,” while another said that she was beautiful inside and out.

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