London in Travel Chaos as Tube Strike Hits

Londoners are facing a tough time trying to travel in London today, as the planned tube strike went ahead.  Uber drivers, seeking to exploit the situation increased its prices by 400%.

The dispute is over staffing and safety concerns.

Most central London, Zone 1 stations are currently closed, and other lines are running a minimal service.

Commuters who wanted to use Uber, have reported that fares that normally cost £10, cost £50 today.  Tomorrow they will cost £10.

Some commuters such as Hannah McIntosh tweeted, “Good to see that Uber is taking full advantage of the Tube strike and the surcharge is already kicking in”

While another, Angela Ambrose, said “Nice to see that Uber have decided to fleece the public by charging treble during the Tube strike”

The strike began at 6pm last night and will run for 24 hours.  Last minute talks between Transport for London (TfL), Rail and Maritime and Transport (RMT) union, and Transport Salaried Staffs Association (TSSA) union failed to reach agreement.

The Unions claim that job cuts carried out by former mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has caused safety issues, and resulted in incidence abuse levelled at London Underground staff.  This has been backed up by an independent report commissioned by current London mayor, Sadiq Khan.

John Leech of RMT said, “We saw LU face to face and reiterated our position on the key issues of the dispute.  We demanded that they guarantee the staffing of all station control rooms.  We demanded that the current offer of 150 additional jobs be significantly improved and guaranteed to not be lowered under any circumstances.  LU’s response was to repeat their offer of yesterday.  This is just not acceptable.

“The unsafe practices and pressure on staff and passengers have to be resisted and will be.”

British Airways and Southern Rail strikes are also expected to go ahead this week.