Heathrow Airport Cancels Flights as Britain Engulfed by Bad Weather

Dozens of flights have been cancelled across multiple airports as heavy flog and -7 temperatures engulfed much of the country.

London Heathrow Airport, City, and Gatwick Airport have cancelled over a 100 flights because of the weather conditions.

Southern England has been the worst hit.  Icy roads and freezing fog have greatly reduced visibility making travel very difficult.

The coldest place in Britain, however, was Northern Ireland which saw temperatures fall to -7.1C.  This was closely followed by Benson in Oxfordshire at -6.9C while Northolt in North West London temperatures fell to -6.3C.

Officially parts of Britain are colder than parts of Iceland, Norway, Finland, and Russia.  Reykjavik saw temperatures of -3.6C, while Moscow hovered around -1.9C.  Oslo was colder at -3.3 while Helsinki was just below freezing at -0.9C.

The Met Office Issues Weather Warnings

The Met Office has put in place severe weather warnings from Exeter on the south coast to Dover, which includes the cities of Winchester, Canterbury, Oxford, and London.

Four British airports were among the five most delayed on earth this morning, with only Delhi in India making the top five.  City airport in London was the most delayed.

At City airports flights were delayed for an average of two hours with over half of services cancelled.

Nicola Sturgeon Affected by Weather

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister travel plans were delayed by the weather, as planes in Glasgow failed to depart on time.

Flights from Edinburgh and Aberdeen Airports also faced delays.

Heathrow has cautioned passengers to check their flights before they depart.

Mark Wilson, Met Office forecaster said, “Heathrow is currently on 100 metres visibility which is very dense fog, Gatwick is on 100 metres, London City Airport is on 100 metres and Stansted is on 100 metres.

“It looks like it will generally improve through the last part of the morning and into the afternoon, but one or two spots will hang on to fog for much of the rest of today.”