White House Plans To Arrange “Possible London Trip” Within The Week To Show Unity With London Bridge Victims

The White House is planning to arrange a “possible London trip” later in the week to show unity with London after Saturday’s London Bridge vehicle and knife attack, ABC News has reported.

The US network’s White House correspondent said that President Donald Trump or another senior official could visit London within the few coming days.

Infrastructure Bill

Jon Karl argued that the purpose of London trip is to discourse about Trump’s infrastructure bill.

He continued: “You’re seeing that in the president’s response to the London terror attacks. They’re going to talk about infrastructure week this week, about reviving his plan for an infrastructure bill.

“And there is some discussion among the president’s aides about possibly taking a trip to London at the end of the week to show solidarity with the people of London against terrorism.

“That’s just in the infancy stage but there is some discussion among the president’s aides.”

The President is unlikely to visit London

White House press secretary Sean Spicer told The Telegraph that Mr Trump is not arranging any visits to London in the coming days.

“There is no trip to London scheduled,” he said.

Fox News security analyst, Dan Bongino, urged the president to visit London and have a walk on the London Bridge to show that the two nations will unite and take a stand against terrorism and intolerance. Moreover, he asks the British people to pay no attention to Sadiq’s Khan’s advice not to panic.

The White House has not responded to clear the speculations over the President’s potential visit to London.

However, the president might not visit London during this time as the British authorities are investigating into the attack, so meeting world’s leader would be a burden as it requires weeks of preparation.

Furthermore, the visit is unlikely to happen after Trump mocked Sadiq Khan’s plea to keep calm. Trump also reportedly attempted to score political points using the terror attack to promote the Muslim travel ban executive order and to prove that gun control is waste of time.

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