Touts Shamelessly Target One Love Manchester To Buy As Many Tickets While Survivors Miss Out

Touts have targeted One Love Manchester, Manchester’s attack memorial show, to buy up tickets as survivors miss out on tickets.

Tickets spread on resale sites and Ticketmaster affirmed the cancelation of any booking of seats that have been touted.

Lots of survivors of Manchester bombing were worried to miss out on tickets. Ticketmaster said it failed to validate all applications even though its staff worked all night.

What happened?

A spokesperson stated that registrations are now reopened for the true fans who were present at the original concert, after being flooded with complaints.

Some tickets will be reserved and kept for survivors, as applications are still processing.

Tickets were sold at £40 and they got sold out in only six minutes. Tickets also appeared on third party sites. Many people on social media posted screenshots of sellers who offered tickets for more than £200.

However, the people who legitimately bought tickets for the show last Monday had been offered until 4pm on Wednesday to register for a free replacement to the concert this Sunday.

Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Coldplay, Miley Cyrus as well as Take That, Usher, Pharrell Williams and many others will be at this Sunday’s concert

Fans who missed out

Yet, true fans still missed out on tickets.

“Sort it out. The last thing people that were there need is more stress, I filled out my details 100 per cent correct & got no email,” One fan said.

“I can show them my injury from when I was in the foyer and the bomb went off if they want to see it? If my tickets aren’t proof enough,” Another fan said to Ticketmaster.

A mother of a teenage daughter who was at the attack, noted: “This was supposed to help my daughter. It is making her worse, I now wish they had never announced this concert.

“She was not doing wonderfully but now doing alright, but this has set her back.”

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