The oil ticket explodes in Lake Louisiana, reports injuries

On Sunday evening, oilfields exploded at Lake Pontchartrain in St. Charles Parish, police in Louisiana said.

Police Spokeswoman of the Kenneth Police Administration. Brian McGregor said on Sunday evening that rescue boats sent Kenner Boat launch and assisted officers of the Sheriff’s office in Jefferson County, Times-Picayune reported.

There were “a lot of injuries”, many of them seriously, with at least seven confirmed and waiting longer, McGregor said.

In the first report six people were injured and one person disappeared

Mike Guillot, the rescue director of East Jefferson, said the injured five were taken to the University Medical Centre with “explosion injuries” and were in critical condition. The other 2 are in stable condition at the East Jefferson General Hospital. Search and rescue continued from Sunday night. No deaths reported.

“Several people have been saved from active fire on the platform,” Harris said. “The authorities in the area report that cleaning chemicals are illuminated on the surface of the oil platform,” wrote Kenner City on Sunday night on her Facebook page.

Clovelly Oil Co. owns a platform that is in production, Taylor said

Darden, a law firm, listed as his registered agent for the state secretary in Louisiana. Social network users reported that they heard a loud noise that even shaken some homes.

Andrew Love, 32, said he was about 10 blocks from his home when he heard the explosion. “My house really shook,” he said. “At first I thought it was an acoustic boom or something, I had no idea what was going on.”

Mayor of the mayor Ben Zhan said that, despite reports of potentially explosive local homes, authorities have so far found no evidence.

According to the newspapers, there were flames in this area, and the air smelled of burnt rubber. Harris said that the explosion in the church of St. Charles, Jefferson District, Kenner, US Coast Guard, East Jefferson General Hospital and Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries.

The Coast Guard will conduct water quality assessment as well as the base of Lake Pontchartrain Lake.

Lake Pontchartrain is located north of New Orleans.